Dr. Renford Reese, Ph.D
Founder/Director, Prison Education Project
Founder/Director, Reintegration Academy

Ernst has been a superb Senior Program Coordinator for the Prison Education Project. He is the consummate leader and team player. He is charismatic and radiant but yet humble. He is an excellent storyteller who has the capacity to empower and inspire others with his own dynamic story. In the decade that I have known Ernst, he has impressed me with his professionalism, work ethic, and his ability to empathize with the struggles and challenges of others.

Stephanie Gergeres
Creator & Executive Producer Of Juicy Highlights TV

I am extremely confident and proud of Mr. Fenelon Jr. He is not only a great friend but an awesome mentor that want’s to see you succeed. I’ve known Mr. Fenelon for over 3 years now and everytime that I have spoken to him to seek guidance, I always leave with more confidence and belief in myself that everything will be ok and I can achieve and overcome any obstacles. Mr. Fenelon not only creates a positive atmosphere around him, but he truly exudes the love and inspiration; which makes you look at life very differently. For that very reason I would highly recommend Mr. Fenelon as a life coach and public speaker for any platform.

Jessica Kubel
Executive Director of the YWCA

Mr. Fenelon is thoughtful, compassionate, and action-oriented, and is the cornerstone of our Talking the Talk events with his combined knowledge of current issues and adept moderating skills. His demeanor is calm, caring, and conscientious, while staying on topic and addressing the issue at hand. He can handle a variety of topics with multiple facets, and maintains a positive attitude in what otherwise might be a difficult situation. His eagerness to help and unique personal perspective have been a welcome addition to the YWCA Pasadena. Ernst would be a tremendous asset to your organization or company.

Pastor Delonte J. Gholston
Director and Founder of the Trust Talks

I have worked with Ernst for the past year and a half on an initiative called the Trust Talks, which facilitates story telling and community sourced solutions on issues of race, mental illness, and policing in downtown Los Angeles among the police, activists, public officials and community members. Ernst has participated as a facilitator at each of these sessions, leading our community through the challenges of seeing each other, truly listening to one another, and actually envisioning a shared vision for change. He has masterfully utilized his own experience both as a person of faith, as someone with his own story of incarceration and re-entry, and dynamic leader with community and global impact to enable community members and public servants to collaborate toward a common purpose and vision. He has not only served as a facilitator, but has also lent his time and talents toward strategizing and planning for Trust Talk sessions. The Trust Talks are incredibly grateful for his dynamic, authentic, and servant-hearted leadership in these challenging times concerning race and policing in our nation.

Rhona Bennett
Entertainer/Personal Power Life Coach/Entrepreneur

It has been my pleasure to witness Ernst continue to evolve into an exceptional communicator, businessman, leader, and family man over the years. To watch his life work sprout from his personal testimony is so powerful to me. I think it’s wonderful that he has found his niche in being a moderator for issues of social change because of his willingness to dive deep, and passionately share and teach from that place of growth. From his lemons, he has gone beyond making lemonade. He is taking his own seeds, planting them in the fertile ground of others, and now a newness grows in them because of it. I am truly proud of his efforts to follow through on his capability to empower others, and leave a lasting impact. Because of his relentless drive and pursuit of a greater ideal, I think we all get to walk away more enriched. Kudos and God-speed with the much needed service you provide, Ernst!

Mariano Baez
Program Coordinator of Prison
Education Project (PEP) & PEP-Uganda

I have worked closely with Ernst Fenelon Jr. as program coordinator for Prison Education Project in Southern California and in Uganda, Africa for 5 years. It is my sincerest believe that Ernst is a dynamic leader, the consummate team player, pays meticulous attention to detail and he is a truly inspirational public speaker. His work is exemplary and posses high levels of professionalism in every aspect.

Christopher Monroe
Founder of ~ StayOutOfPrison.Org

I remember meeting Ernst for the first time a little over five years ago. It was at the orientation for PEP ( Prison Education Project ) at Cal Poly
Pomona. When I introduced myself, Ernst seemed a little intense. Over five years later, I have grown to love this guy, and his amazing spirit. His love for humanity and self, is absolutely extraordinary. We have been working together, focusing on the rehabilitation of felons in efforts to reduce the recitvisium rate.

In addition, I was honored to have Ernst speak at one of my Stay Out of Prison Workshops at Palisades Charter High School. There were 120 students that participated. When Ernst spoke, the students absolutely enbraced every word he spoke. Working together with Ernst in the prisons has been life changing. When we speak to the inmates during our prison work, Ernst is always well recieved, as his words are heartfelt and powerful.

I would say that the best part of our friendship is that I can trust Ernst implicitly. Whomever, decides to work with him will be surprisingly pleased, as he is just a good guy with a huge heart of Gold.

Michelle Stanford
World Financial Group

Ernst’s professional, relentless efforts encouraged me to obtain my license as an insurance producer and protect my family with an insurance policy. He has been a phenomenal mentor to me and my young adult children. His intelligent and articulate skills have assisted me with communicating any discontentment or ill feelings in an expressive yet appropriate manner. He is a provider, protector, and supportive man. His actions state his wife, son and mother are a priority. He seeks advice and suggestions for his amelioration. Ernst is always mentioning the positives and blessings. His outgoing and witty attitude creates a wonderful balance.
I am blessed to have him in my life.