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Do you feel disconnected from your dreams, goals and purpose? If you were asked what are your deep seated values and needs, are you sure what you would say?

Ernst Fenelon Jr.

In a world where people become disoriented from their dreams and purpose, I coach them to deeply reconnect with their core self who actually knows the way. I coach from a perspective of profound curiosity in helping the client to get to know their own core self’s wisdom, wholeness and ingenuity.
I use decades of personal growth development, proven coaching techniques and a deep empathetic, compassionate love connection for humanity to help clients to:
  • Unlock true passion.
  • Break through hidden obstacles.
  • Move from fear to empowerment.
  • Identify the “invisible elephants” in their mental, psychological and spiritual rooms to discover a deeper and transformative agenda for their life.
  • Create accountability to beat procrastination.
  • Create an opportunity for a total transformational self mastery.

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Coaching Programs Offered:

3 Month Program

  • Receive Life Coaching once a week for 3 Months!
  • Get the chance to change your thought process and unlock your true passion.
  • Learn to set goals for yourself and learn to see them thru
  • Learn to make key decisions and design strategies for success

2 Month Program

  • Receive Life Coaching once a week for 2 Months!
  • Learn to set goals for yourself and learn to see them thru
  • Learn how to burst thru your fears and anxiety and move forward
  • Learn to be the key to your own sucess

1 Month Program

  • Receive Life Coaching once a week for 1 Month!
  • Learn how to fulfill your personal and emotional needs so you can move forward and stay on track
  • Learn how to be in control of your impulses and how to not let them control you

Small Group Coaching

  • 6 – 12 persons group  life coaching!
  • Learn how to communicate powerfully and succinctly
  • Learn how to build powerful relationships and maintain them for life

For investment cost (sliding scale offered for qualified candidates), contact Ernst for more information.

I believe my paradoxical life experience of living the American dream, suffering the devastating loss of it and reconnecting to my true purpose has given me a unique perspective to have the conversation. Ernst Fenelon

Life Coach


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