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What are the Three Things that Everybody Wants to Know about You? What is the Five Step Plan For Life Success?

The answers are in my book!  
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Three Things That Everybody Wants To Know About You (Five Step Plan for Life Success) is an insightful, engaging, and refreshing book that examines the strategies and behavior that are necessary to be successful in life. Comprehensive in its scope, Ernst Fenelon, Jr. does a superb job of integrating his own life lessons into constructive advice for others. The examples weaved throughout the book are practical and useful. The importance of self-reflection is at the core of the book’s message. This book is an excellent manual on how the power of self-knowledge increases self-worth and ultimately leads to success. The book is an authentic reflection of the author’s transformational and inspirational life story.

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My Prison Outreach Program. Let’s help those looking to change their lives. That don’t have income opportunities or support from their families, and get them back on track.

Partial Proceeds of My Book Go To

My five year old son, who has took it upon himself to hand paint the artwork you’ll find wrapped around the cover of my book. I’d like to teach him entrepreneurship.

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“I believe life has positioned me to have a unique perspective to start the conversation. So let’s just start the conversation.”

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