Importance of Being Ernst

The importance of being your authentic self can not be overrated. Society can have a way of making people feel they have to “conform” to societal norms in order to be accepted. This “standard” often causes people to modify their true character in order to “fit in”. I grew up as the son of Haitian immigrants being lead to believe that in ordered to be accepted an given the best opportunities, I would have to down play everything that makes me unique and authentic. This was the “American” way or so I was lead to believe. Over the decades I began to notice that society rewards those who maintain their authentic identity despite the tremendous pressure to abandon it. Think of the legends in sports, entertainment, politics and other fields of endeavors. It is always the ones that stand out that are remembered and respected.

So this video is my testament to my true authentic self. Hopefully this will allow viewers to get to know me and give encouragement for them not to cower in the shadow of societal norms but bask in the light of authenticity.